Let Me Help You Attract Your Favorite Patients to Your Holistic Healing Center

A Writer and Marketer with Lifelong Dedication to Holistic Healing

My Official Bio

Chrissy Mifsud, founder of WordPower Marketing, works with holistic healing business owners to position them as experts in their field of specialty. She helps them grow their businesses through effective marketing strategies that are powered by persuasive communication. Her clients have described her services as “the best money we spend all month” as their websites rank higher in search engines, office events expand to standing-room only, and patient numbers climb.

A gifted question-asker, Chrissy intuitively seeks to convey the core values of a holistic healing business and crafts messages that deliver ideal patients to its door. Chrissy works to clarify marketing messages and tell unique stories through websites, blogs, articles, bios, emails, and speaking engagements. She uses a distinct blend of “writing for people” mixed with “writing for computers” to optimize online content for both website visitors and search engines.

Due to the results she has achieved for her clients’ email marketing programs, Chrissy has won Constant Contact’s All-Star Award three years in a row. This award recognizes the performance of the top 10% of over 600,000 customers. Chrissy has spoken to many groups of business owners about powerful writing and marketing techniques and has qualified as a Certified Speaker for Constant Contact. Chrissy originally hails from the Detroit area and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Michigan.

On a more personal note . . . why holistic healing holds a special place in my heart

My mission began years ago, only I didn't know it then . . .

I was 16 years old and walked through my back door, same as usual after school. Only this time, my mom was standing there, waiting in the family room. She said, "It's Lyme Disease." Tears came to my eyes and I rushed across the room to give her a hug. Because now we knew what we were fighting.

You may wonder why this was a big deal. Today, your vet's office routinely warns you about protecting your dogs and cats from Lyme Disease. But back then, Lyme Disease "didn't exist". It took many doctors and a lot of diagnoses before we knew why my mom was fall-down tired, why her joints ached, heart palpitated, and memory lapsed. (She was in her mid-30's at the time.) And it took courageous and open-minded doctors to diagnose her and give her the initial treatment she needed to kill the organism that was making her sick.

Mom had always taught us to read labels and eat healthy. So when she realized no one in her Lyme support group seemed to fully recover, she knew she had to take her health into her own hands. She turned to alternative methods in order to strengthen her immune system and recovered 100% within a couple years. This time in my life cemented my belief in and preference for holistic health.

The quest to end suffering and offer choice . . .

My experience working in a health food store has shown me how much folks don't know about holistic healing...or what's available to them. They put up with illnesses and lack of vitality that I know practitioners like you can help them with. But they have to know about you first. And that's my job. Let's get to know each other better. Fill out the Contact form and let me know how I can help.