Copy Editing Services

Editing, or copy editing, improves existing material. I organize, refine and polish your thoughts for crisp, persuasive marketing materials that speak to your ideal customer. When I'm through with your marketing content, your copy will shine and, of course, there will be no errors.

Copy editing services are perfect for you if:

  • You have marketing materials that don’t seem to be performing well. You suspect the language needs more “punch” or the ideas need clarification or better organization.
  • You have no trouble writing, but it’s all stream-of-consciousness, so it’s hard to follow and has errors in it. You need an editor to organize your thoughts and separate your ideas into manageable chunks so readers understand your message.
  • You have written a book or article and know it needs a “second pair of eyes” or even a third pair (after your cousin’s wife who is an English teacher) because chances are, she doesn’t know anything about marketing.

Contact me with your copy editing needs.