Ghostwriting Services

Ghostwriting simply means that I will write anonymously on your behalf. The purpose of this service is to help you write articles, blogs or even books and e-books. If the topics are in your head, but you hate writing or don’t know how to start, hiring a ghostwriter will get the project done. Then, your name appears in a trade or consumer magazine, marking you as the expert in your field. Or, create marketing materials like e-books that your customers will keep and forward to their friends. Create an arsenal of customized marketing materials and increase your credibility with the help of your ghostwriter.

The benefits of ghostwriting services:

  • Completing articles - Articles have a myriad of uses, but their main purpose is to set you apart as the “go-to” person when someone is in need of your services. Most notably, articles are marketing tools that make you look good, but aren’t salesy or pushy.
  • Writing blogs – You may not have the time to write a blog consistently (not a good way to keep consistent readers). Blogs allow you more interaction with your customers. I spend a lot of time getting to know you and your company, so your blog truly reflects your business.
  • Publishing e-books – Offer your potential customers a value-packed document in exchange for signing up for your newsletter. E-books can easily be shared with other would-be clients.

Contact me with your ghostwriting project.