Fill Your Schedule (and Office Events)
with Patients You Love to Serve

Your Newsletter Has More to Do with It Than You Think!


I write newsletters exclusively for natural health practitioners. Other newsletter services may not understand your profession--or your uniqueness within it. I have a personal passion for natural health, and my mission is to communicate what you do in language your customer will understand.

"But, I have a newsletter already..."

You may already send out a newsletter.  Is it working to bring you new business? Are you getting loyal patients who you love to work with? If your marketing message does not appeal to your ideal client, you'll attract the kind of patient who haggles over price, cancels appointments, and basically causes you to continually look for more business.

Do You Have a Newsletter Marketing Strategy?

I will help you develop your message to grow your practice and meet the goals you envision. A good newsletter strategy:

  • Sends consistent newsletters and ezines, which act as powerful reminders to keep your wellness center top-of-mind.
  • Establishes your unique services and differentiates you from your competition.
  • Appeals to your ideal patient.
  • Highlights events to attract a good turn-out.
  • Reminds current patients to make their appointments and refer you to others.

Stop paying for newsletter services you're not using...or that aren't making a difference to the quantity and quality of your customers!

Marketing Your Wellness Center is Important to the World

I'm committed to helping practitioners of all modalities spread the word about holistic health & wellness.  I firmly believe that my passion for powerful words combined with your dedication to naturally healing mind, body and spirit can change the world from the inside out.
Please browse my site for more information on how you can naturally attract more business.  Visit my Is This You? page to learn about who I work with and the issues they face.