Proofreading Services:

Proofreading refers to the general correction of spelling, grammar and layout mistakes. It helps create a great first impression and prevents embarrassing errors that undermine your professionalism and credibility. Like a know-it-all mother-in-law, I nitpick everything to death, but you’ll thank me for it.

You know you need proofreading services when:

  • You’re ashamed to give out your brochure or website address.
  • You don’t know how to properly use a semi-colon, but you sprinkle them in anyhow.
  • You know there must be errors, but you can’t spot any of them yourself.
  • Your kids correct your spelling and grammar on shopping and “To Do” lists all the time.
  • You want impeccable marketing materials you’re proud (and unafraid) to show others.

Contact me with your proofreading headaches.